Friday, June 29, 2007

Audition Results

Yesterday Ransom and I auditioned for a play that will be performed Aug. 9, 10, & 11. It is called The Decameron because it is being adapted from the text of the same name. The person who is adapting said text is Russell, a coworker of mine. That is how I came to know about the auditions.

So, yesterday Ransom and I went over to the Wilkinson Center and basically had a grand old time doing make-believe. :) The auditions were a hoot -- we were all having a lot of fun and the director of the show (who Russell was glad to have directing it) was very fun.

And the cast list was emailed out today --
We both made it! So we'll be rehearsing and such (in my case I'll be rehearsing in between vacations) and doing the whole fun play thing! I am so thrilled. So so so so thrilled. I love being in plays! Well, when they're good -- and this one looks very promising.

As details come out I'll keep you posted. Speaking of which I seem to recall promising to make a post about my grade for this last term: All A's. Not even any A-'s. Amazing, no?

In other random news I got my free t-shirt from the library (hooray for summer reading programs!) and we picked up Clare at the airport last night so she is back! She showered us with gifts. Well, actually, she just showered me with gifts because she had packed Jacob's in her other luggage which was separated from her. All the same. Also James (Jacob's youngest brother) went in to the MTC on Wednesday -- there wasn't a wet eye among our party -- it was kind of funny. Being one of the youngest, James was ready to be outta there and the whole family knows he'll be back in two short years.


Anna said...

I was wondering about your grades. I wasn't going to ask...

Hilary said...

Congrats! I'm sure you will have tons of fun, although Russell must be doing a LOT of editing on that text. I read The Decameron my freshman year at UC Santa Cruz- I was taking Italian at the time, so that was helpful- but I remember it was a little baudy. Its been a while though... maybe not really much worse than the Canterbury Tales... I'm sure it will be tons o' fun. Crazy Italians.