Monday, August 13, 2007

So long, San Francisco

Let me just start off by saying that life is good.

The play went really well. Good, you might say, if you were being grammatically incorrect. It was really fun to work with everyone in the cast, there were no bad eggs or black spots (sorry, plague joke!) We had much better attendance than I expected, having a full house on opening night, having to turn a few people away on our second night and having to add a significant number of chairs on our closing night (it was a 3 night run). People that I knew came all three nights and that made it a lot of fun -- especially since the theater was so small and you were so close to the audience and so able to see their reactions. Those who attended get a shout out: Grandma Mary, Cora, Josh, Anna, Joe, Chris Mathews, Derrick Gibelyou, Hilary, Liberty, Eric & Erin, from work: Penina, Danielle, Caitlyn, Shane, Justin and Wife, Dale and wife and baby, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some people. If you didn't get to see it, I'll be getting it on DVD sometime soon, so give me a holler. And, yes, Jacob presenting me with flowers is going to be on the DVD. Score! It was so cute! We're having the "talk back session" right after the play, and Jacob raises his hand to make a comment. Then he says, "before I make a comment, I'd like to give these flowers to my wife..." He then proceeds to bring me flowers to a chorus of "awww" and smooch me in front of everyone. Just a little smooch. Perfect for the situation. And then Jacob made his comment. Like I said, life is good.

Eclipse was fantastic. Good, you might say, if you were making an understatement. In keeping with tradition, I don't think I'll do a full review for it here (I didn't do one for Twilight or New Moon). But I do want to share a few thoughts: This book series is, like, perfect for me. And after much thought, I've decided that Eclipse is my favorite in the series so far. In order to come to that decision, I had to stop worrying about what other people would think of it. You see, at first I was like, "Maybe someone wouldn't like this book..." and then I was like "Well, heck, I can only speak for myself, and I loved it!" So there you have it, folks. I hope you like it too, but if you don't (and don't worry, you will) I'll still be your friend. I'm still Jacob's friend and he hasn't read any of them yet! Though it is worth mentioning that I have decided to discontinue spoiling him with many spoilers and he's planning on reading them for himself (once Aunt Helen gives my copy of Twilight back). He wants to read them all from the beginning if he's going to read any of them.

Work is going very well. Good, you might say, if I had only had one raise recently, but I've had two. So I'm basically making bank now. (Even though Jacob still makes more than me at both of his jobs.) And I'm enjoying it -- really getting in to a groove.

As for upcoming plans, Jacob will be taking the GRE (Graduate Record Exam -- or something like that -- the SAT for Grad school, basically) on Saturday the 18th. He's not stressing about it, but when has he ever stressed about a test? And when has the lack of stress ever caused him to do poorly? Never. So, I'm not stressing about it either. The following Saturday, Aug 25, is our first anniversary. I'm sure I'll post about that. There is one more week after that, and then school starts up again for the fall. Hopefully I'll be ready by then!

And, no, San Francisco has nothing to do with anything. That title just popped into my head.


Hilary said...

Fabulously random title... I'm glad I got to see the play- you were fantastic! That was the first time I'd seen you act; had you done anything in high school? I can't remember. Thanks for the non spoiler review :-) Much appreciated for those of us reading. Hmm, I have no other thoughts. Oh yes I do- congrats on the raises! That is sooo awesome. I really want you to get on leadership because I think you'd make a great supervisor- you have the skills and the enthusiasm and I think you would help other callers. I wish I could just email Dave about it, but I think he'd find it impertanent. Hmmph. Also, just wanted you to know that I appreciate your friendship and admire you very much. You are one of those people who is always doing a dozen wonderful things at any given time, and you deserve life to be good, so soak it up :-)

Ransom said...

Good, you might say.