Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Fun Stuff: An Author's Story

So, as you probably know from my book reviews, I like reading books. (You can look forward to reviews of The Princess Diaries and An Abundance of Katherines coming soon). I don't just like reading books though, I like reading about their authors. I've subscribed to several authors' blogs, and one that I would like to highlight today is James Dashner's.

One of the reasons I want to highlight his blog is because he's giving books to people who do. That's not the only reason I'm promoting it though. Its actually a very interesting blog that tells the story of his author-dom from the beginning. If you want to know how one author became an author, check it out! Heck, I've found it interesting enough that even though I haven't actually read any of his books I enjoy the blog. Don't worry, I'll read the books soon... especially if I get one for free.

So, check out James Dashner's blog! He's the author of the "Jimmy Fincher Saga," and I found out about the blog on the Yahoo listserve for Utah Children's Writers. Go community involvement! Other authors' blogs that I enjoy include Shannon Hale, John Green, Meg Cabot, Maureen Johnson, and various and sundry others. If you are in the mood for some absolutely disgusting, yet funny short stories, check out Dreadcrumbs, the blog of Dean Hale (husband of author Shannon Hale). If you're not blog-savvy yet, I'll give you a hint: subscribing to someone's RSS Feed makes things a lot easier.

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