Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Author Survey

In the month of October, the Readergirlz hosted a chat with an author every night. I took the chance to survey a few authors with the following question:

What is your favorite part of the writing process?

In no particular order,

Stephenie Meyer (Twilight): I love it when it's just flowing--when the words are rolling off my fingertips and I can hardly keep up. Dialog tends to go like that. And I love it when I forget that I'm writing and I'm just in the story. Also, I love it when I make myself laugh. Basically, writing is awesome. Except for transitions, expositions, and editing. :)

Rachel Cohn (Naomi & Eli's No Kiss List): My favorite part of the writing process is when I'm FINISHED! And the ice cream can truly be consumed in celebration.

Meg Cabot (The Princess Diaries): My favorite part of the writing process is the first draft, which is the fun, creative part, when you are just discovering your characters and your story. My least favorite is revisions! YUCK!

Sara Zarr (The Story of a Girl): Starting a new book! The idea is all shiny and wonderful and perfect and I haven't screwed it up yet or gotten into the little details like WHAT IS THE PLOT? :)

Shannon Hale (Princess Academy) Finding that perfect sentence. And meeting people who didn’t like to read until they read one of my books, and have gone on to read many books. I don’t feel like it was me who did either of those things, but they both rock.

It also seems like I asked one more author, but I can’t seem to figure out who it was. Anyway, what do you think of that? What’s your favorite part of writing? Personally, I really like editing.


Hilary said...

I've been breaking the blog rules... but I'm repenting. Question- do you ever write? Do you ever have ideas for stories? Because you love books so much, I think you've got to be a storyteller yourself :-)

Alysa said...

I don't write a lot. Well, I write in my journal every night, but that's more the story of my life. :) I have a couple of fun ideas for stories that I haven't written anywhere but jotted a note in my journal. Something like "Remind me to write the story of the bully and the bubble gum."

Hilary said...

So, I think you should have a rough draft of 'the story of the bully and the bubble gum' for us by the first of the year. Plenty of time and you can work on it over break.

Alysa said...

I'll think about it. Today has been all about throwing my obligations out the window -- I said forget the baby shower, the work party and the Twilighter's Anonymous meeting, I'm staying home and sleeping and maybe doing some dishes. Maybe. It's been good. So, as far as promising anything goes, we'll see.

Hilary said...

Lol, I respect that. Do what you want. I'm all about it.