Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Mislaid Magician

The Mislaid Magician
Patricia Wrede & Caroline Stevermer, 328 p., 2006

So I actually read this book a while ago, but haven't blogged a review for it. First, I forgot. Then, I remembered. Then our computer's monitor went berserk (right before my big ugly term paper was due), but our home teachers came to the rescue (and so did my visiting teachers!) and brought us an old monitor. Thanks guys! Anyway, now I am finally reviewing it.

This book is the sequel to The Grand Tour -- it takes place ten years later. Cecilia and Kate and their husbands now have children. New rail lines are getting put in across the English countryside, and when a magician who was investigating them goes missing, it is the Tarleton's and the Schofield's to the rescue! But some trouble has started at home as well...

One thing I love (love love love!) about these last two books in the series is that their protagonists are happily married. How often do you see that? Not very. Especially in YA literature. In fact in most fantasy novels, you have to be "unencumbered" by marriage, family, etc. in order to have exciting and dangerous adventures. News flash: married people are people too! and they don't have to have marital problems all the time! I found out this secret when I got married, and I'm happy that Wrede and Stevermer are spreading the word.

Again, this whole series is just plain fun set in a magic infused Austen-era England. Go for them!


Jacob said...

Yay for being happily married! It's much more fun to have adventures when you have someone you love beside you the whole way.

Jenni Blaser said...

Thanks for all the great book recommendations on your blog. I have so many to add to my "to read" list because of your reviews! Yay!