Wednesday, February 6, 2008


No, we don't have a name picked out (or any really narrowed down) yet. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments. You could have the name we need.


Abbie said...


Hilary said...

My favorite boy names:

Joseph (as in, of Egypt)

The Clifts said...

Congrats on the little boy! We had a boy name picked out, but we had a girl. We didn't choose a name until I was seven months pregnant! At least we have a boy's name picked out for when one comes. A tradition in my family is that the first boy's name is the names of his grandfathers. My brother's name is Joseph Wallace (the two names of my grandfathers), and we plan to name a little boy Daniel Jeffery, Aaron's dad's name (and also Aaron's middle name) and my dad's name (nicknamed Danny, of course!). With our other kids, we decided to choose any first name we liked, but to have a middle name come from family.

Katie Smith said...

Hmmm...if I tell you my boys names then you might steal one that I was going to use! :)

Actually, I really can't think of anything super fantastic right now.

Kayla said...

I still liked your idea of Burton Ernie!! haha! Seriously though These are names that I like:


Taylor and Justina Selim said...

Hey! I am glad you found my blog because now I have found yours! Blogging is so much fun, I love it!

That is way exciting that you are having a boy! Names are hard. I think girl names are harder than boy names though. I have a baby name book that's kinda fun if you want to borrow it. We are so focused on girl names, I can't think of a ton of boy names. I do like Jackson though.

Janni said...

I can't give any away as we will be having lots of boys! :) - and since my sister stole one of the names, I don't freely converse about them any more!

March Hatter said...

I'm gonna have to go with 2 Ne. 18: 3 "Call his name Maher-shalal-hash-baz"

Or at least Mshb. For short.