Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baby Shower!

Okay, everybody! Here's the announcement you've been waiting for!

Baby Shower!
Join us in celebrating Alysa & Benjamin
at 10 a.m. on May 24
1060 Cedar Ave, Provo UT.
RSVP to Sandy Litster (801) 400-1236 or Camie Martin (801) 369-7576

Put it on your calendars, ladies! I'm totally paranoid that no one will come... anyway, family and SLTA ladies you can come to this one too if you want, but there are some other things in the works for you.

As for a pregnancy update, I'm doing well. I'm getting tired again, but not nearly as tired as I was the first trimester. There are more potty breaks and tossing and turning going on at night, but that's only to be expected. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday, and if there's anything to report then I'll let you know. As of the last appointment the baby was head down, not breech, so that is good.

This week is my last week of work at my on-campus job, so it will be the end of an era for me at the Telefund. And on Saturday Jacob and I are going to take our summer vacation -- a day trip up to Salt Lake. Fun times!

Oh, one more thing, check out the poll in the sidebar.


Anna said...

Make sure you have some projects planned to do while you are waiting and unemployed. I hear that nothing to do makes that wait sooooooo long.

Other advice is I say register!!! You can look to see what you want, and helps those who don't have babies. I mean some people don't think that you would want bottles that fit your breast pump. Most babyless people don't think about that - at least I never did.

BriAnna Jenkins said...

Sooo... I got an invite to another shower for you and totally spaced the rsvp AND the shower. But, I got you a little something, and I want to give it to you!

Ransom said...

So I guess that means you've settled on a name then!

Alysa said...

thank you! you can totally just come to this one, if you want! If that doesn't work then call me or facebook me or something and we'll get together!

Hilary said...

I'll figure out a way to have some representation at the shower ;) I was going to send you another name suggestion, which is my brother's name (Eben, if you're curious) but you took one of his middle names instead! And Ben and Eben are, like, one letter off. It's like I was almost (or not really at all) reading your mind. Anyway, hope you have a ton o' fun at your baby shower! And hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Justina Selim said...

YAY! Getting closer to the end! I'm glad your pregnancy is going well! You gotta register! That is one of the funnest things about being prego!