Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Second Anniversary and Crib

We celebrated 2 years of marriage on August 25th! In keeping with accidental tradition (in the original vid I was just saying whatever came to my head) we address this video to our future children. Or, you know, future versions of our children. child. whatever.

Also, I know most people take pictures of their baby's nursery and it's all set up months before the kid is born. Well, we're still working on it, and we finally got the crib set up the other day. There wasn't room to set it up in Provo, okay? And no I haven't put any cutesy bedding on it yet.

Also, a cute pic of Benjamin holding himself up -- this kid is getting strong! and look how long he is!


Anonymous said...

I can tell he is screaming, not a smile for the camera moment? grami

Alysa said...

haha, yeah. but he is getting better at being happy on his tummy.

Debbie said...

So neat that you have room for everything now. It's so much fun putting the nursery together.