Sunday, August 3, 2008

The State of the Blog Address

So, here's what I've been thinking.

We're moving to Illinois in like 6 days (by the way if you want to help us pack/load up/clean/watch the baby please come on over Tues around or after 3 p.m.). Since we'll be headed out there and since we now have a child whose grandparents and other relatives are eager for regular updates and pictures and stuff, this address will be our family blog. I'll probably change the name again to reflect that.

As far as book reviews go -- you know I can't resist talking about the books I'm reading. So, for reviews of those, head on over to Everead: my new collaborative book blog. Me and Laura will be posting reviews and stuff there. And, by the way, if you want to review some books too just let me know and we'll put up a guest review. I think it's gonna be super-fun.

I figure that way those who want to read about Stewart family life will come here and be happy, those who want to read about what I'm reading will go to Everead and be happy, and those who want both will go to both and be happy. There is lots of happiness in this plan.

Of course, we're still moving to Illinois within the week, so don't expect abundant updates just yet.


Debbie said...

Fabulous idea. Love the updates! It was fun getting to see again on Fri/Sat. :)

Ransom said...

But now if you give something a good review, I won't be able to borrow it from you, because you won't live in my basement! =(