Friday, September 12, 2008

One Month Home

So, we've been in our new place for a month today! Pretty cool, huh? People keep asking me if we like it. We do. We like the apartment. We like that we're on the ground floor (this baby is only getting heavier). We like the new kitchen and the proximity to church and school and bus stops and stores, and the library isn't far either.

The library here is fantastic by the way. It's a much bigger collection than my last library, which was a much bigger collection than the library before. Ah, yeah, movin' on up! jk. It even has a cool mom and baby playtime thing on Mondays! But we missed it last week, so we'll have to try again next Monday.

That's what motherhood is about, you know? Keepin' on. You miss the mom & baby thing because it takes you longer to get ready than you thought -- you just try again next week. And I was thinking today, as I did dishes. Dishes and diapers are the "busy work" of motherhood. You just do it cuz it's gotta get done. The cool stuff is worth it though. Benjamin is getting bigger and cuter and he uses his eyebrows more in making funny faces. He loves rattling his keys around and I'm telling you he was singing me a little tuneless song earlier today.

So, yeah, we like our new place. Oh! and guess what! I always say "we like it all except the carpet." The carpet is grody. And coming up and dangerous. That's why I put in a request to have it replaced. TA DA! They're coming on Tuesday to put in new carpet. Rock on.


Bethany said...

I totally know what you mean about the busy work of motherhood! And you are right on about it being worth it.

The insight that hit me (as I washed my 5,000th dish) was that although the dishes are not going to stay clean, if I learn anything during the process of washing them, well, that's permanent.

(I was using permanence to prove to my brain that an activity was worth doing.)

Anyway, I know you're a great mom. And congratulations on the new carpet.

Also, those froggy pj's are pretty darn cute! :)

Justina Selim said...

I completely agree with you! Your little boy is so cute!

maggie-t said...

It's so nice to hear that you like your apt. is it getting cold over there yet? Did you guys watch the BYU football game today?

Alysa said...

maggie -- not cold yet, it was warm and muggy today. We watched the BYU game; Go Cougars!

Katie Smith said...

Wow! You must be in HEAVEN with that library. You and your wicked mad reading skeels. :)

I'm glad you're liking it there. I'm completely jealous that you're getting new carpet. That is my beef with our apartment. I like all of it except the carpet! Okay, that's a lie...I like most of it.

The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

I'm glad you like it there. It seems like you are figuring out the whole motherhood thing. I love the froggy pj's pictures.