Friday, October 24, 2008

Traditional Marriage

I've been thinking a lot about traditional marriage lately. The whole Prop 8 thing going on in California has brought it to the front of my mind, as have the stances of our presidential nominees on such a subject.

Anyway, I guess I'm not the only person thinking about this, because Danny Frost (a good friend of mine) recently posted a well thought out Defense of Traditional Marriage on his blog. It's a little (but only a little) long, and well worth a read.

If you read it, let me know. Are there parts you agree or disagree with, particularly? Why?


Anonymous said...

You were right it was interesting. (In AZ it is prop 102.) Last spring, your dad and I attended a JRCLawSoc conference where there was a class on this subject. I felt I had my eyes opened when they presented some of the arguments made by proponents of same sex marriage. One of the arguments is that the children of those in same sex relationships should be allowed the same benefits as those in traditional families. Problem is: the benefits listed were more like the natural consequences that functional families reap -- not something the law can guarantee. So the lack of knowlege about eternal principles is evident. In the absence of faith in God, the law is regarded as the highest authority; so no matter what happens the results will be disappointing for same sex marriage proponents.
With regard to Mr. Frost's paragraph about legal benefits: the "a la carte" provisions already exhist, of course. But the problem comes when the doctor has no assurance that the same sex partner is the one who is supposed to make that decision to pull the plug, or when the state gives the property of the dead homosexual to his estranged wife rather than the roommate. Within marriage these things are rather automatic because some circumstances are unforseen. Your dad thinks civil unions might be a solution.
love Mom
P.S. I would think that Anna would be pushing the baby carriage, not in it. ;)

Abbie said...

That was a really interesting post. I've been having numerous thoughts about Prop. 8 but really, your friend's blog addressed things really well. I agree with your Dad, I'm thinking a civil union might be the thing for gay/lesbian rights.