Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vice Presidential Debate

That was refreshing! Compared to the Presidential Debate of last week, this debate was great. The VP candidates did an excellent job of answering questions -- their presidential counterparts did a great job dodging them. I found out a lot more about Obama and McCain's respective positions on issues from Biden and Palin then from them.

Of course, their straightforwardness is probably partially due to the fact that they are the VP candidates. They could say things like "___ is my candidates opinion/plan/position, and I support him in this." That just sounds so much better than just "____ is my plan, and it is the good one." Or more typically of last week's presidential debate "____ is my opponent's plan, and it is evil."

Random thoughts:

  • Palin did a good job; if McCain doesn't win it can't be attributed to a blunder of hers at the V.P. debate.
  • Biden seemed very well educated. Palin talked about giving it to you straight, Biden just did it.
  • The candidates seem to have the exact same policies on gay marriage -- glad to hear it.
  • Also, I have to agree with Biden on McCain's healthcare plan. It sounds like "the ultimate bridge to Nowhere" to me too. Now I just want to know more about Obama's healthcare plan.
  • The possible presidents and their runningmates seem to be complimentary as far as debating goes. Obama and Palin seem more flappable; McCain and Biden seem more at home with debate.
  • Boy, they both looked great, didn't they?


Ransom said...

I've thought since pretty early in the primaries that Obama is going all the way with this one. McCain seems to be giving him a real run for his money, but I wonder if I'm seeing a Utah slant on that. I bet Obama will still pull through.

Abbie said...

I loved the debate too and thought the same things you did. I thought Sarah Palin looked very stunning and I was very happy that she seemed to hold her own and not flub up like she did in her television interviews. On the other hand, I found Joe Biden to be very direct and matter a fact and just state how it is. I also liked that he didn't try to get around a question he didn't want to answer like Sarah Palin did a few times. All in all, I was happy with how it turned out and hope that the next Presidential debate will be just as exciting.