Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Pictures

It appears that our family photo in costume is lost, somehow. At least the file is "unreadable." So, here are the individual shots! We went with a farm animal theme. Papa pig...
Mother duck ...
Baby tom-cat!

The Bairs were the Three Bears! So clever! And cute.
Earlier in the week: Making Halloween cookies with the Jacks! Nate stabs his cat with a candy corn to KayLyn's dismay:

Scary bat!

Jacob and his pumpkin have weird faces!
Jessica (9 mo.) and Benjamin (4 mo.) slept through the cookie stuff. They can't really eat them anyway.


Bethany said...

Cute costumes - I love Benjamin's whiskers! :)

Anonymous said...

its mother goose not duck


Joe and Ashley Bair said...

Hey, fun pics! Sorry the one we took of you guys didn't turn out! Bummer!
Hey, I figure I should write something up about Cybele's Secret. Did you want me to just ... post it? I don't want to feel like I'm taking over your site! And where/how do you get pictures of the book covers?