Sunday, January 11, 2009

2008: A year to remember

January - Alysa, four months pregnant, begins student teaching. Jacob is accepted to UIUC.
February - We find out that our baby will be a boy. Also after 1 year, 6 months and 3 days, Jacob and Alysa spend their first nights apart when he visits UIUC.
March - Alysa is released as the Relief Society President, Jacob continues work at the MTC.
April - Alysa graduates from BYU with a BS in Elementary Education.
May - Jacob recieves a fellowship.
June - Benjamin Omer Stewart born.
July - Alysa turns 22!
August - Jacob graduates from BYU with a BS in Chemistry turns 24, we move to Illinois.
September - Apartment flood, switch to new one. Alysa called as 2nd counselor in Stake YW pres.
October - Farm animal Halloween, Alysa begins as a panelist for 2008 Cybils.
November -Thanksgiving with Jeremy & co.
December - Benjamin's first Christmas.


Annaliese said...

Holy moly, talk about scary callings. Looks like you need to work on your "flying under the radar" skills. I'm trying to perfect mine.

Hilary said...

Good grief- you're in the stake YW presidency?! That's got to be the coolest YW program in the Church!! Good call on that one!