Monday, January 12, 2009

More Holiday Fun!

Uncle Abe changes his first diaper:

Look who has two teeth! (click photo to enlarge)
First horseback ride (with Grandpa)


Jenni said...

is Uncle Abe, Jacob's brother or your brother? At first I was thinking it was probably Jacob's brother because he looked so exuberant and that reminded me of Jacob, and then I thought, well actually Alysa is happy and pretty exuberant too. (We always had such fun with you guys-isn't it wonderful to be around positive people.)

Also, I loved the idea of the shirt that Benjamin gave to his uncle. I think I may need to use that idea for my siblings. They are wonderful too.

Alysa said...

Abe is my brother. :D Jacob's youngest sibling is 16 (almost 17). Abe is 10, and my youngest sister is 5.

"Uncle Cool" actually came about because I've always called my brother by his middle name, but he's started going by his first name since I moved out. Anyway my brother asked "what will the baby call me?" before Benjamin was even born. I said, "he can call you whatever you want! He could call you Uncle Cool!"