Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Haircut

The other day I cut Jacob's hair, and Benjamin had a few wisps over his ears that needed trimming. Hence, the first haircut! Here's the before picture:

Click to enlarge and see the wisps over his ears!

And here are some action shots:

And here's the after shot:
Two Stewart boys with their new haircuts:
BabyUpdate: Benjamin now crawls wherever he wants to go, pulls himself up on everything, and loves taking the silverware out of the dishwasher. I love that game too! It will occupy him for quite a while, and takes seconds to clean up. The only trick is you have to not mind your baby putting dirty knives in his mouth. Hey, I keep the sharpest ones out...

American Idol: I am rooting for Anoop Desai to go all the way. Also, it is a crying shame that some people made it into the top 36 tonight. America, I'm counting on your good judgement to weed out a few. Also, Simon knows what he's talking about.


Anna said...

So cute. He is getting so big. Good Job on the haircut too!

AI-Since youtube has been getting all responsible about copyrights I don't have a source to follow it. I'm bummed about that.

Alysa said...

aww, too bad. They have a lot of videos on the official site tho, i bet you could follopw it loosely.

Jenni said...

Cute cuts! I cut all 3 of my boys,(husband is included in that count).

I love the photo of little Benjamin looking at you! That's adorable.

Did you know our little one's middle name in Benjamin? Good choice. What is Benjamin's middle name?

Jenni said...

Scratch that- I really don't cut my boys- obviously I cut their hair, although I have been know to cut my fingers while cutting their hair. yikes!

Alysa said...

haha! I hope you just cut their hair, Jenni! His middle name is Omer, which is the name of my paternal grandfather and also my dad's middle name.