Sunday, June 14, 2009

Date Night

So we saw Star Trek in the theater last night. It was pretty much awesome. I really enjoyed myself. I mostly only ever watched Next Generation, but it was fun to recognize names as they came up in the film. And I loved Leonard Nimoy in it! :) Oh yeah, and there were the Star Trek standbys: crazy monsters on hostile planets, evil aliens threatening distruction, etc. But my favorite thing about the film is that I thought all the jokes were funny. I was laughing or chuckling quite often. That's so nice -- when you have the same sense of humor as the screenwriter, director, etc. Anyway, it's very much recommended by me.

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Clare said...

Can I say that I also loved that movie. I paid full price twice (who does that) and bought my dog a "Live Long and Pawsper" bandana.