Friday, October 2, 2009

Curtis Orchard

We went and visited Curtis Orchard tonight with our former next-door neighbor Stacy. Since we didn't get there until 5 minutes before they closed, we mostly just looked around and enjoyed watching Benjamin explore. There was a litter of kittens and he had a fantastic time chasing them around.

This one actually let him pet it. He was very gentle.

In the wagon corral

So tall!

Driving Home with Stacy

We'll have to go back another time when we can pick apples, choose a pumpkin, see the goats, play on the jungle gym, etc. etc. :D We had fun though. I wish I'd brought the good video camera -- these videos are so cute.

Benjamin kept squeaking at the cats:

Here he finally corners the orange one -- for a second:

And now he's willing to say "hi" from behind bars:

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Cami said...

Ahh! I needed a good dose of Benjamin just now! Happy, happy.