Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Songs and Games and things

Playing Peekaboo with a new favorite blanket:

He loves it, and sleeps with it every night.  Thanks Jenni!

Anyone else know this song?

Dad does things different:  
The other day Benjamin brought me his little fake "CD player."  It has several large buttons on the front that play music, you know the type of thing.  Well then he turned it over and started making screwdriver motions with his finger on the screws.  I said something about "yes, that's how you change the battery..." and we moved on.

A day or two later Jacob had some time with Benjamin (various things have been keeping me busy recently).  When I got home Benjamin was already asleep and I asked how he had been for Jacob.  

"Pretty good," was the response. "We took apart his CD player again."

"Like, with a screwdriver?"

"Yeah, we just take the back off sometimes..."

Mystery solved.  I never would have thought of tinkering with electronics as an appropriate activity for a one year old.  But obviously he loved it and there's no harm done. I caught him eyeing the back of his new toy phone recently -- maybe that will be their next project.


Ransom said...

I think there's a picture somewhere of me screwdrivering on the red television.

Jenni Elyse said...

I'm so glad he likes his blanket! :) He looks so cute with it. Although, he looks cute without it too.

Cami said...

I love the mouth full of teeth the best!

Kayla said...

The Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes pictures cracked me up!

Kayleigh said...

He's so cute!