Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Don't Mention It

Annaliese said she liked hearing my tips and tricks for getting toddler cooperation.  So here's another one that I like to call "Don't mention it." or "just do it."

You know how it is, we're going along with the day and it's time for the next thing.  I mention what the next thing is: "Are you ready for lunch?"  "It's time to come inside now,"  "let's go upstairs for your nap."  Half the time statements like these garner a negative reaction from Benjamin. So, I'm learning to keep my mouth shut about what's coming next.

Take today, for example.

We've been taking steps toward potty training this weekend -- only because at this point it seems as easy as diaper changes.  The diaper comes off the moment it is wet, and it's hard to get another one back on Benjamin. Most times he insists on standing up while I put it on.  And, he's been showing other signs of readiness, too: willingness to sit on the potty, the ability to keep a dry diaper for a length of time, picking potty books at the library and insisting we read them over and over.

So, we've borrowed a little toilet from some friends, made a potty chart (complete with Elmo stickers -- highly motivational) and even busted out the undies for times when we're at home and not sleeping.

However, when asked, Benjamin almost NEVER wants to go potty.  I finally wised up to this today, and, when I knew it was about time for the next potty break, had Jacob bring the potty down from the upstairs bathroom.  Then I grabbed the favorite book about potty time, and just started reading it aloud, in the kitchen.  Benjamin was quickly entranced and when he asked for a second reading of the book, I said, "Okay, come in here."

We proceeded to the bathroom, where I made quick work of removing his shorts (without a word!) and began to read the potty book again.  He did his duty in record time!  Sweet!  Who knows how long it would have taken us if I had asked him to come upstairs and go potty.  From experience, quite a while.

So, our potty training experience begins.


Annaliese said...

Those are good ideas indeed. So far we get a lot of chocolate chips for sitting on the potty but haven't actually accomplished much while on there.

Cami said...

Its good that you have discovered what works for Benjamin. Just don't count on it working for the next one. Abe, as you know, is much more willing with a little heads up before we do what we are gonna do. Took me quite a while to figure that out (I think he was almost 4) so you are ahead on this one. Good work!