Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nesting Much?

Back on July 2nd (the date of the last post on here, coincidentally) I had some early labor. The medical staff called it an "irritable uterus." It wasn't enough to keep me in the hospital for long (just long enough to miss the Eclipse movie watching party I had organized - ugh!) and I was released with the instruction to "resume normal activity."  Nevertheless, my mother jumped at the chance to come out and visit.  She has been busy for the last couple of weeks making sure I don't pick up my 30 lb toddler, bringing me drinks of water, and vacuuming.

We've also been working on projects galore.  Here are a few things we've been up to:

getting rid of the weeds
planting flowers and herbs
setting up a sandbox
organizing the closet under the stairs
rearranging furniture like crazy
laundering baby clothes
learning about IL wildflowers
going on dates/babysitting
going to the pool
catching fireflies
paddle-boating on Crystal Lake
making a baby quilt

So, I think I've been nesting a bit.  And I'm glad for all the help that my mom has been able to give me with that. She's switching places with my sister Clare on Wednesday, and it will be fun to see Clare, too. :D


Cami said...

hey, you never told me they said "resume normal activities". or possibly I wouldn't have listened anyway, because terbutaline (spelling?)is yuck. yeah, the overprotective mother thing. well, hope you haven't felt invaded. but we have made it worthwhile anyway.

Annaliese said...

Ooh I'm jealous! Getting family to visit and getting all those projects done!

clare said...

so what are we going to do..... i don't research wildflowers.

Jenni said...

When is your baby due again? How are you feeling? Oh, and I want to see photos of that baby quilt you're working on. I'm working on one too!