Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mad Libs

We like to do Mad Libs in the car.  They help us stay awake.  This is the one that made us laugh most, recently. See if you can pick out the words that Jacob filled in:

Studying the Constitution is a likable rainy day camp activity.  in 1787, a convention of important American wombats ratified our constitution.  The Constitution was an antagonistic document which guaranteed that the U.S. would not merely be a league of independent cars, but a nation with a cranky government that would deal with lightsabers as well as earthquakes.  The Constitution provided for a senate, to which every state would send two clouds, and a larger body called the House of Basketballs, which was based on population.  The government was divided into three branches: the judicial, the legislative, and the ginormous.  This created a system of checks and stripes that works to protect us to this day and gives us our deranged government of the people, for the people and by the swords. 

Ha ha! This particular story is from the Camp Daze Mad Libs book.


Cami said...

I particularly like the checks and stripes part.

Ashley said...

Yeah, how did checks and stripes happen? "Ginormous" was pretty poetic as well.

Alysa said...

it was checks and (plural noun) and Jacob happened to choose stripes. :D Crazy Jacob!