Monday, February 21, 2011

Heard around home

About Levi, my Korean neighbor Hyuna Yang said, "He look like angel." I just love that. I can't get enough of people loving my babies!

Benjamin used to call his Grammy Cami "Ammy Ammy." Then he went to "Grammy Canny."  This week, he has updated it to "Grammy Candy!"

Jacob: What color is my hair?
Benjamin: Gray!
We have not yet seen a single gray hair on Jacob's head. :)

Benjamin: That's a cucumber?
Alysa: Yep, It's a cucumber.
Benjamin: Yeah, like a Barbequecumber.

After being tucked in...
Benjamin: Daddy going downstairs?
Jacob: Yep
Benjamin: You just be careful!

Out of nowhere this morning in the living room Benjamin said
Hi! I'm Benjamin, and this is my fun mommy!


Cami said...


The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

Love it. Thanks for sharing.

Alysa said...

Oh, I'm going to amend that last one. I think he came in and said "Hi, I'm Benjamin, and this is my friend Mommy." Because later he did a similar sort of thing when we were reading a Dora book and she always says "Hi, I'm Dora and this is my friend, Boots."