Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dialog on the blog

"You, Mister, need a nap. Fall asleep and sleep the sleep. Sleep the sleep of a thousand sleepy sheep." --Alysa, moments ago. No, Levi's not asleep yet.

Benjamin: Mommy, you a woman?
Alysa: Yes, I'm a woman.
Benjamin: The man's at the lab.
Alysa laughs
Benjamin: Daddy is a man?
Alysa: Yes, Daddy is a man.
Benjamin: Daddy is a boy?
Alysa: Daddy is a boy all grown up.
-- Benjamin has been figuring out all about boys and girls and men and women lately. We've been over it a lot, but we're not done yet I'm sure. Ah, yes. He just came up to talk to me about the boy horses and girl horses (centaurs in the Pastoral Symphony of Disney's Fantasia).

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