Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Good news, bad news

Let's do some good news/bad news. :D

Good news: I am thinner! Exercise works!
Bad news: Jeans no longer fit.
Good news: That probably means my summer pants will fit, though...
Bad news: Currently 43 degrees out.

Bad news: Levi is teething!
Good news: Infant tylenol helps.

Good news: Benjamin is nearly ready for preschool!
Bad news: I have to figure out what preschool to send him to. Or a Co-op? Hmmm.

Good news: I was in the newspaper! For my book blog!
Bad news: I don't subscribe to the newspaper, so I never saw it. County Star anyone?

1 comment:

Rachel and Todd said...

You're on my list now! And congrats on being in the newspaper. That's awesome!