Sunday, April 10, 2011


Toothsome: (noun) 
1. (of a food) temptingly tasty... 
2. (of a person) Goodlooking; attractive. 

First, a few photos of the little guy who now has one tooth and one on the way!
this is a typical Levi pose.  He has very good balance, and it's probably because he sticks his arms out like this!

arms out again! His hair is getting fluffy, and it is so touchable. 

scrutinizing the camera

He adores feeding himself. Among his favorite foods are cheerios, baby puffs, saltine crackers, graham crackers and teething bisciuts.  Also, cereal and veggies; fruits get the sour face. Spoon feeding Levi requires two spoons: one to fill with cereal and move towards his mouth. He will wrench it from your grasp, so just let go once he's got a hold of it, to avoid cereal coated walls. He'll get it to his mouth.  The other spoon is to fill up and repeat, which will enable you to retrieve the first spoon.
 And, just for fun, here is one of Benjamin:
This is his picture face. He always has his eyes open, but with the double flash it is a guarantee they're closed.

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Cami said...

I go with temptingly attractive. I want to "taste" him. Those clear blue eyes are gorgeous. And the wry smile is cracking me up.