Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I just dropped Benjamin off at preschool!  Can you believe it?! It's pretty crazy.  But totally sane, of course.  So here is how I was feeling about this: excited, nervous, not at all sad. A little bit worried that Benjamin would have a hard time (which is highly unlikely, given his track record of doing well with babysitters and in nursery at church), a little bit worried that I would not be able to adjust my daily schedule to make a trip out of the house before 9 a.m. (this remains to be seen, but was a success for today). Honestly, I'm not a morning person.  I like being awake in the mornings, I like getting things done and such. But I find it so much easier to do in the evening!

Anyway, we're carpooling with a friend of ours, and let me tell you, listening to those two boys chatter in the back seat was awesome!  Firstly because it is hilarious, secondly because it meant I was not constantly trying to answer strange questions during the whole drive.  You mothers of 3 and 4 year olds know what I mean. My favorite little line from their conversation went like this.

Benjamin: In Cars the movie, there is a race car his name is Light'ing.
Jared: Me too!

They proceeded to talk about how they both had Lightning McQueen toy cars and Benjamin said that he "Just started collecting" them.  Hm. Good to know!

Anyway, this whole preschool thing is pretty crazy because Levi is still taking a morning nap, which means. . . ME time! What!?!  A time, not late at night, when I am not accompanied by a small boy? The possibilities! I could . . . blog! :D

So, sorry to leave you hanging on the Cheese Curling! Leila let me know you were all waiting with baited breath. Thank you Leila, it made me feel special to know you cared. The results of the 2011 International Cheese Curling Competition boil down to one fact:

The Stewarts prevail!!!  Jacob was on the winning team again this year!  Our team of former glory, Blue Cheese, did not even come close to winning this year.  Haha!  But some other friends needed a fourth for their team, The Freestone Cheesestones, and they ended up in a major tiebreaker and it was all so exciting! Except I didn't see it because the boys and I were hanging out in an air-conditioned gift shop.  Man. Labor day was like the hottest day of the summer for us! Strange, but true.

Anyway, we had a blast and did not take any pictures because as soon as I turned on my camera a message on the screen said "You forgot to bring batteries! No pictures for you!" And I have continued to forget to replace the batteries, so I have not taken a "first day of school" picture of Benjamin either! I will take one on my phone. And buy new batteries.

Lots of pictures have been going up over on my google plus account, if you are interested, since my phone automatically uploads them there and I can just click to share them. So nice. So if you want to see our pet caterpillar/butterfly, Milko, add me over there.

So. What do you have to say about that?


Leila said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you let us know. At least one Stewart won. And you got free cheese. Maybe one day we'll come to see you during Cheese Festival time. (Actually, that's really unlikely, since that's right when Josh starts school. But it would be cool.)

Annaliese said...

Kid conversations are the best. THE best.

Lisa said...

Benjamin is a preschool pro! It is so fun to hear him and Jared chatter on the way home too. I look forward to reading many more me-time blog entries! :)