Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christmas Camera

For Christmas, we gave Benjamin a kids' camera -- that is to say one designed for kid use. Heavily guarded lens, lots of padding in case of being dropped, low resolution. He's taken some good photos!

Portrait of Levi, by Benjamin

Cool playhouse at Grandma Cora's

Grandpa Craig, mid-chew.

Grandma Cora, giving Benjamin the picture face he kept giving her.

This is what Levi got for Christmas. Oh how he loves his talking Mickey.

Benjamin's friend, Jared. Probably wondering what the camera was, since it doesn't look like a typical camera.

Benjamin's friend Allison, taking a "picture" of  him with the toy camera, while he took a real picture of her.

Portrait of Levi, by Alysa

Portrait of Esther, by Esther.

Portrait of Alysa (with bedhead) by Benjamin

Levi, eating. Standing, Benjamin is about the height of Levi seated in his booster.

Jacob, eating. 
It would seem that Benjamin likes to take pictures during mealtimes! This doesn't surprise me too much, since that's often when I bust out my own camera -- mainly because Levi can't run away from me (or toward the camera) if he's strapped in!

This week on Everead we have:
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great books to read out loud (especially for the ~4th grade range)
a report from the launch party of Tempest (complete with the toughest question I've ever heard an author answer)!


Cami said...

My fave is Levi eating near the end. Cora just looks psycho :D which is what Benjamin looks like sometimes too, pretty much. What were his comments about his pictures? Did he like having them up on the blog?

Alysa said...

"what do you think about having your pictures up on the blog?"

"Um, it's good!"

"which picture is your favorite?"

"all of them. ... so now can you type in NickJr.?"

Ashley said...

Oh, yay, they both liked their presents! That's awesome. And fun pictures! And yay for the camera working! :)