Sunday, February 12, 2012

Benjamin Talk

B: mom could we have a pet dolphin?
A: ooh, that would be fun!
B: yes, or no. [This is his thing lately, he wants and immediate yes or no answer to questions.]
A: No.
B: why?
A: We don't have a place for a pet dolphin to live.
B: oooh. i know, we could get one from the store!
A: one what?
B: a pool! so we could keep it and let it swim! if it likes hot water, then it could swim in hot water. if it likes cold water then we could play, it could swim in cold water. That's what I guess. And could we play angry birds on the computer mommy?
A: yes.
B: so could we do it right now.
A: yes.
B: ok then let's do it!
(If you couldn't tell, I was transcribing that conversation as it happened.)

B: Are we in outer space?
A: No, we're on earth.
B: Are we inside the earth?
A: No, we're on the earth's surface.
B: Is earth is in space?
A: That's right.
B: So I think we are in space.
A: I think you're right.

Benjamin: When will we need a minivan?
Alysa: When we have more people in our family.
Benjamin: Yeah, then we will need a dery dery big minivan?
Alysa: (smiling) Yep.
Benjamin: For mini-people?
Alysa: thinks Yep! :D
Benjamin: Am I a mini-person?
Alysa: Yes!
Benjamin: Just like Minnie's Boutique!

B: Mommy can I have a Sunburst?
A: You mean a Starburst?
B: Yeah.
A: They're kind of sugary...
B: Can I just have one?

Talking Mater toy: "Tow Mater: Average Intelligence."
Benjamin: "Tow Mater! African television."

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Crys said...

Maybe you could just get a gold fish :)

Cami said...

Great space logic! What an awesome child!

Ashley said...

Hahaha! Laughing and laughing. What a character. I loved his outer space deduction.

Nichole Christensen said...

I wish I could read posts like this every day. Makes me laugh - and I really needed a laugh tonight! You are such a good mom, Alysa.

Ransom said...

This needs to be tagged "quotable". Otherwise I have trouble finding it when I need to!