Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ouchy Ankle

So, somehow I've hurt my ankle.

It's got  a red patch on it and is slightly swollen.

I don't remember any traumatic events that could have sprained it -- no big falls or twists. The only thing I can think of is that my new shoes had something to do with it. Perhaps combined with the fact that I went running a week ago? And I don't run often. It's been bugging me for a week or more, and when I noticed the redness I decided I shouldn't ignore it.

I saw a doctor for it on Friday -- I was x-rayed and told that I'd hear about the results in a couple days. Also they told me to circle the red spot with a permanent marker and if it got bigger that was bad. Or if I get a fever. Thus far, no spreading and no fevers.

I wrapped it today and that seems to have helped it not be so painful in the evening (Evenings and mornings are worst, and cold is bad).

I'll let you know if I have it amputated.

This week on Everead:
I review a book it took me more than a year to read.
We all chat about The Hunger Games, of course!
I haven't seen the movie yet have you?


Annaliese said...

Make sure to take pictures. If it gets amputated, I mean. JK. That is strange you don't remember an event that caused it. I used to sprain my ankle all the time, but it was always a sudden twist. Much more ominous to have it twisted for no reason.

Ashlee said...

Forgot to ask... you are doing RICE treatment right? I know that's pretty basic but it is worth asking. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

That should help! And Yay for wonderful husbands!

I'm glad the temple was good and that the kids were okay with the H's.

And thanks for being understanding about tonight. After I finish my 'mommy time,' on the computer I am going to get to it. Lots to do.

Let me know about Friday but no rush for sure. I won't have a hubby either way so my night is wide open :)

Jill Rogers said...

Look into cellulitis. I got that on my pinky toe/side of my foot just after we moved into our new house. Hurt like CRRAAAAZY! And it was red, tender to the touch, etc. It's essentially just a random infection that can be treated pretty quickly with antibiotics.