Monday, April 16, 2012

Ankle Update

So... it seems like it's getting better? Except that last night it was swelling again? I seriously have no clue what to think. Three steps forward, one step back.

The x-ray came back saying there was no break or misalignment. A couple weeks later it was still bugging me when I went in to meet my new doctor. He seems nice. He said sometimes they can see a fracture that's healing that they couldn't see in a first x-ray, so the offender had another little photo shoot. Nada. His words at the appointment were along the lines of "if it's still bothering you in two weeks I'd send you to a foot specialist. Maybe you need a special orthodic or something." Hmmm.

Everything was peachy for the last week or so, but here we are again. Except not as painful. And the red spot has disappeared and now it's sensitive to touch in a different place. The wandering ailment. I definitely think of it as an ailment rather than an injury.

Gout? Arthritis? Effects of a spider bite that I don't know about? Ankle cancer? Blood clot? Curse from a witch that I offended on the forest path?

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Cami said...

Have you stepped over the line? Or are you afraid of stepping forward in life? March on! Sing: "Left, left, left, right left . . ."

Ashley said...

I'd say it's definitely a curse from a witch, except I know that Savoy is severely lacking in the forest-path department. So can't be that. Hm. Mysterious.