Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Believe that you can do it, because you can do it.

I just had to share this video. My friend Rachel blogged it over on her blog, talking about how Bob Ross gives her the faith to keep on writing. I think it's great! It brought back lots of happy memories for me, memories of watching Bob Ross teach  me to paint (with my pretend oils and pretend canvas). And it cheered me as I embark on day 4 of the unexpected business trip (wherein Jacob finds out that he is going to NJ for a week only a few days before go-time).
Speaking of Jacob, he's over there at Princeton learning how to operate a fancy new laser that he is going to bring back to the lab here at Illinois. (That's what they say, "at Illinois." Don't ask me why.) Pretty much all I know about this laser is that it is FAHncy and (of course) expensive and hopefully useful, and it has a computer to run it and ...that's about it. I don't think it is the kind that can ruin your eyes. I will have to ask about that. Jacob?

So what did you think? Did you love this video as much as I did? Did it make you smile and did you substitute the words for your own creative pursuits in at the appropriate times? For me: "teach" instead of "paint." Kindermusik starts tomorrow!


Lauri said...

Loved the video. I watched bob Ross when I was younger when there was nothing else on on a Saturday afternoon. But always enjoyed it.

Cami said...

Was that you, or one of the other kids, who used to go around the house with a little paintbrush and water "painting" everything?

Aislin said...

Have you seen the autotunes of Julia Child and Fred Rogers, too? They're brilliant.

llcall said...

I'm hopelessly behind on my blog reading, but I'm so glad I finally checked yours. That was fantastic. I didn't even watch his show much and it totally captured me, much like the Mr. Rogers one. Thanks for such a cheery message tonight!