Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Four-year-olds know...

"Ha ha, Ha ha, I have more points than you! How many points do you have?"

Four-year-olds know: Taunt first, ask later.

"There's an animal in trouble in space!"

Four-year-olds know that animals are always getting themselves into unlikely trouble. Let's send a tardigrade to rescue this one!

"I'll have pudge for dessert tonight..."

Four-year-olds know all about something that the rest of us use the euphamism "fudge" to describe.

Four-year-olds know how to keep from getting paint on their shirts!


Cami said...

what darling naked boys!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Pudge! Still laughing about that one... (I think he's onto something though, stop using these euphemisms like chocolate chip cookies or brownies and describe what they're really gonna do to our bodies...)