Thursday, May 9, 2013

"The sea of raging hormones has ebbed."

Ten points if you can name that movie.

Everybody on a special blanket.
Thanks to Ashlee for the great photos!

a couple days ago:
Alysa: I am sweating like a crazy monkey!
Jacob: Are monkeys known for sweating??
Alysa: No, but I'm having to do this! See? (fans underarms in a monkey-like fashion)

And now it's time to answer your questions from the last post!

I was wondering how delivering the placenta works with a water birth. Did you do that standing in the tub too or were you to the bed at that point?

The placenta needed to be delivered in the bed. The midwives said that being in bed for that part helps them tell how much bleeding is happening, and as we all know too much bleeding is bad. So, I was in the bed. After delivery I carried Jubilee from the tub to the bed and we snuggled during the placenta delivery. I honestly didn't pay too much attention to the prep-work that Kathy was doing for placenta delivery. I chose to kind of tune it out and focus on the baby. When everything was ready Kathy asked me to push the placenta out, and I obliged.

I know some hospitals won't let you be in the tub after water breaking, so I would love to hear more about what your water "looking good" entails. 

This hospital won't let you be in the tub during the water breaking, but before and after is fine, as long as there is not meconium in the water. If there is, it is a sign of fetal distress or whatnot, and they want you to deliver in bed. (And I'm sure they have the special personnel standing by, too.) A friend of mine labored in the tub, got out so they could break her water, and found movement too difficult to get back in the tub. So, I knew I wanted to have my water broken first thing and then hop in the tub (assuming the fluid was clear and not green, which it was). Kathy broke my water and Jubilee's head was very low, and blocking the water's exit. "I think I broke your water... I must have," she said. Sure enough in a minute or two it was evident that she had and that things looked good for waterbirth.

Benjamin holds Jubilee!


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Ashlee said...

Oooh! Oooh! Hercules! Hercules! Ten points to me!

And thank you for this enlightening post. It makes me really glad that I did NOT have a waterbirth. Super glad I labored in the tub. Not going to try delivering in one!