Monday, January 27, 2014

2013 was a crazy year

When it came time to write Christmas letters and year-end recaps, this is about how I felt:

"Things didn't kill me but I don't feel stronger" - If Ever I Stray by Frank Turner video here

"And at night a fractured star fell and it pierced right through the thick of me. I cried out in pain and joy, Yes! I'm not dead, not numb not withering." -- Cast a Hook in Me by Laura Viers video here

I am really glad that 2013 didn't kill me. Here is a basic timeline for you

 Living in IL, I am 6 months pregnant. Jacob is in the throes of dissertation writing. Benjamin is in preschool, Levi is thinking about using the potty.

Potty training begins.
First visit to Georgia! It was both exciting and terrifying.

Jubilee is born! She is a sweet addition to our family (understatement of the year).

Apparently I've blocked this whole month from memory. Oh yeah, it was the first month with a newborn. No wonder I can't remember it.
Jacob defends his dissertation and earns his doctorate in Chemistry! Our families visit. :)

We move to Georgia! Our truck gets there a week late.
Benjamin starts Kindergarten. We mow the lawn for the first time in our married lives.

Started a book club, obtained furniture on which guests could sit.
Kept unpacking. Kept forgetting it was already October, because such nice weather.

Potty training continues (yes, we've been potty training pretty much ALL year.)
Christmas in Georgia. Random exclamations of "2013 is the year that will live in infamy!"

In 2013
someone in our family learned to use the potty (mostly)
someone in our family was born
someone in our family gave birth
someone in our family earned a doctorate
everyone in our family moved 10 hours south to a town where we didn't know a soul.
someone in our family got 2 teeth.
someone in our family learned to roll over
someone in our family learned to sit up
someone in our family learned to read
someone in our family learned to write lower-case letters and spell many many words.
someone in our family remembered how much he loved baby food
everyone in our family picked blueberries in the back yard
10 points if you can figure out who is who for all of these! :D

2013 was remarkably free from major illness and injury, what a blessing!

2013 enjoyments:
Jacob -- awesomenauts (computer game)
Alysa -- sherlock (tv)
Benjamin -- power rangers (varoius seasons, on netflix)
Levi -- kiwi crate (craft box subscription)
Jubilee -- anything jingly.
as-a-family -- phineas and ferb (tv)


Annaliese said...

Love this! I think my Christmas card to you might have gotten returned? I would dearly love 10 points, alas I am too lazy. Happy 2014

Leila said...


Ashlee said...

Awwww this post made me both happy and sad! I love reading about you, but I'm sad to see the Winfield pics! Every time I drive by your house I get a little homesick for you! I want to go knock on your door and invite myself in for a chat :)

Love you friend! Glad you survived such a crazy year!

Brittney Richards said...

Wow, what a year. You did all the crazy life changing, stressful stuff all at once. Got a new job,new baby, and moved. That was 2011 and 2012 for us. Hope you are enjoying Georgia, you did get some snow there this year though.