Sunday, March 2, 2014

Levi lately

While clearing off the desk, I found a 3x5 card with some silly quotes from Levi on it. I should have dated it! Anyway, here they are:

this photo is probably from around the same time...

Because sometimes you might forget...
Levi: Mommy, how you smile again? Like this?
Alysa: Yeah.
Levi: Then you say 'cheeeese.'

Levi explains animals...Owls live in dark forestes.
Bears live in dark forestes,
and wolves live in dark forestes,
and bears also live in houses.

In a (failed) attempt to teach Levi to blow his nose, I taped his mouth shut one day.
Every time it gets a little runny he screams "BOOGERS!!!" at a glass-shattering pitch.

Levi didn't want me to step away from our game for a bathroom break...
Levi: I don't want you to pee! You don't even have a penis!
Alysa: Girls don't need a penis. They can pee without a penis.
Levi: Are you gonna buy one???
Alysa: No, I don't need one!

 More recently...
"Don't dry my hair! . . . Oh, that looks like a BOMB! I want my  hair like a bomb!"

Levi is more completely potty trained! Yay!

Levi is a Sunbeam!

Levi put mittens on his hands and gloves on his feet...

"Look at me, mom! It's ok if you giggle."

"Hey mom! Take a picture!"

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