Saturday, June 23, 2007

Book Review: "The Devil You Know" by Nathan Hale

The Devil You Know is a picture book written and illustrated by Nathan Hale, of Orem UT. It was published by Walker Books for Young Readers (September 22, 2005).

The book's illustrations are great fun. In fact the illustrations set me on to it, in a way. I discovered the book while reading the blog of Shannon Hale (author of Newberry Honor book Princess Academy and resident of Salt Lake City, UT). She is working on a graphic novel with her husband Dean Hale, and it will be illustrated by Nathan Hale (no relation). Because I felt like it, I checked out the book that Shannon said put them on to the illustrator. And it doesn't disappoint. It is one of those picture books that you can just keep open to one page and enjoy the artwork for quite a while -- perusing the pictures. Eyeing the illustrations. Delving into the details.

And the story is great too. It is written in a very matter-of-fact style, which helps the reader believe the fantastical shenanigans that go on. And the ending is simply wonderful.

Check it out!

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