Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Great Date and My New Collection

I told you I was going to do some book reviews! And now I have. How fun.

Speaking of fun, let me tell you about the date that Jacob and I went on tonight. Well, first, let me preface: Around 6 p.m. we did the dishes -- very much a prerequisite to making any kind of meal. Then, whilst the dishes were being done, we got hungry. So we washed the pan and tossed in frozen pizza pie. By the time the dishes were done we only had a five minute wait. We ate the pizza, and then set about trying to decide what to do for the evening. We called some friends, but didn't get a hold of anyone who was available for some Saturday night fun. Eventually we decided to use the ice cream gift card I had gotten from work. We did so, and realized that, hey, Barnes and Noble bookstore was just a hop, skip and a jump away, and would be open for about an hour, yet.

We headed over to the bookstore, and began perusing the shelves. Jacob picked up a paperback he's been wanting for a while, and that gave me the courage to actually start holding on to books that looked good to me. I picked up The Princess Bride. Then we meandered over in to the children's section... oh ho ho! I could not keep my hands off those books people! Within a matter of minutes I had a stack of 7-10 books that I'd love to have. And I still hadn't found the one I had come back there looking for in the first place. Jacob was getting a little bit worried. I finally found the elusive Zen Shorts (c'mon, who remembers an author with a name like Jon J. Muth?)
and the hubby said that I should just pick one.

Now, some of you may be thinking "how rude!" or some other nasty thing about Jacob's pronouncement, but I was thrilled! I replied "I get to have one?!" Jacob is so nice to me. Much nicer than I am to myself, at least when it comes to buying things. I've discovered that I have a real problem when it comes to buying things. I simply can't do it, a lot of the time. I've got to prep myself if I will be making a purchase. Weigh all of the options. Consider every pro and every con. Jacob, on the other hand, is totally go with the flow. So, when we ended up in a bookstore with some books we wanted to buy and a little bit of extra cash (having not gone out to dinner or done anything else particularly expensive this weekend) he went with it. What a great guy.

So, I ended up with Zen Shorts, which everyone should read by the way, and Jacob got The Eye of the World, which he had once before, (he has the rest of the series as well) but lent out and never got back. And speaking of lending books, we've decided that we are going to have a huge library. Huge. I'm talking big library. On the drive home I told Jacob, "I've decided to start collecting books." He gave a short laugh and said, "You haven't been doing that already?" I said, "Well, yes, I have, but I mean officially." So there you have it folks.

If you want a great date, then eat in and spend your dough in a bookstore.


Hilary said...

By the way- you two are so cute! You just glow in your pictures together- I aspire to your glowingness...

Alysa said...

That might just be the lighting... :D

Ransom said...

If you leave Zen Shorts somewhere upstairs where I can find it, I'll read it for you.