Friday, June 22, 2007

Freedom, Ah Freedom!

Classes are over! I finished my last project at 6:55 last night, just in time for our turn-stuff-in meeting at 7. Right after that Jacob and I went our for a scrumptious Mexican food fiesta. We ate at Los Hermanos -- so tasty! We then came home and decided that what we wanted to do most was read; and that's what we did! We read a lot and didn't actually get to bed until after 1 a.m. But hey, no classes the next day, right?

Right. But Jacob did have to work at 10, poor guy. And I slept in quite late and therefore was quite late to my Presidency Meeting -- oh dear! They called me about 15 min. after I was supposed to be there and that woke me up. So, goal for the summer -- be earlier to bed and earlier to rise. I'll be getting up early again once fall semester starts, so I'd better start heading that way now.

Anyway, exciting things approacheth -- there is a lot going on next week with Jacob's family coming to town and James reporting to the MTC. There is the book club (I've still got to sign up for the summer reading program) and the play tryouts. The play will be several short stories taken from The Decameron. Ransom and I will be trying out together, sometime next Wed or Thurs. Clare will be getting back from Europe soon and then my birthday is coming up! Yay, what a happy time of year!

You can look forward to book reviews on HP 5, Prom Nights from Hell, and The Five People You Meet in Heaven soon. But I have to go grocery shopping right now.

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