Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer Reading

So I started some summer reading yesterday. No, not the fun kind. I read 13 chapters of my health book. It was torture, but it had to be done. Why, you ask? Well, because I had to take 11 quizzes on the material of course! And yes, I have known about these quizzes all term. But, in a small way I'm glad that I procrastinated so much. This way, the agony wasn't dragged out over weeks and weeks. Just 12 hours. Also, it wasn't even that bad. I got an A average on the quizzes (which were the devil, by the way -- 10 T/F questions on ~30 pages of reading, anyone?).

But seriously. Summer reading. I'm really excited about the Provo City Library's Adult Summer Reading Program. First of all, how cool is it that they have a summer reading program for adults? I've never heard about one before. And the program is free -- you just read books (min. page count 100) and review them (min. length 2 sentences) and you get cool prizes and entered into drawings and stuff! Heck, I'm gonna be reading anyway, I might as well get cool prizes for it! I would be reading already (well I sort of am: I'm in the middle of HP 5 and almost done with Prom Nights From Hell) but I have a paper, a test, and a project to finish before Thurs. And after Thursday my first book is going to be The Five People You Meet in Heaven because the book club meeting is coming right up. I'll probably just post my book reviews on here, so if you're interested then check back!

Oh, one more thing. As grades for this term will be coming out soon, I'll keep you posted on those too. As of now, I already know that I have earned an A in my Foundations of Education class. And this isn't just any A, folks. This is a 393.5/392. Slightly more than 100% in the class. I rock. And I'm allowed to say that, because this is my blog. And if you don't want to read about how great I am then you can read someone else's blog. If you can even find one that doesn't sing my praises.


Ransom said...

Now, where would I find a blog that doesn't sing your praises?

Hilary said...

You rock. No denials here.