Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Things Alysa wants to do in Provo

As per Anna's request, I'm going to post the list of "Things Alysa Wants to do in Provo." Not everyone has facebook. Here it is!

So the other day I realized that I'm graduating in less than a year. And April, all of a sudden, doesn't seem very far off. I began to think about all of the things that I want to do before I leave Provo. And I've been procrastinating making a list, but I'm going to at least start it now. Some of these things can only be done in Provo, others can be done at varying locations, but I still want to do them before I leave (probably Aug 2008). In no particular order...

1. Go to Seven Peaks water park -- 7/7/07. My lucky day.
2. Go to Color Me Mine and color me mine!
3. Eat at the MOA Cafe where the food is art! June 13, 2007
4. Eat at the Pendulum Court. Watch out, 60,000 OHMS!
5. Go to the Wy-ball and dance it up.
6. Get cheap movie tickets at Macy's or in the Bookstore.
7. Get sushi -- then eat it. I heard Sushi-ya is the place to go.
8. Go rollerblading (I have blades but Jacob doesn't).
9. Go up on the roof of U-Hall at Deseret Towers one last time.
10. Attend a Comedy Sportz show.
11. Go climbing at The Quarry.
12. Eat at Goodwood Barbecue -- I've heard the mashed potatoes are to die for!
13. Go skiing.

#1 Birthday Bash!
#3 The food wasn't really art, but it was good anyway.
#4 9/27/07 -- It was tasty too. And cheap. And very nutritional.
#7 Found some at Smith's -- tasty.
#9 Well, I actually didn't do it, but I can't. See the post of Sept 4, 2007.


Hilary said...

Sushi-ya is definitely NOT the place to go. At least the one here (its a big chain) is mediocre. Asuka is good. Its off University Parkway, near Shop-ko They do an all you can eat roll thing, and I think you and Jacob should make a date of it. I'm told the Happy Sumo is also good, but I know Asuka is good from experience. And I can't believe you've never gotten cheap movie tickets at Macey's! You must always got to the dollar theater, which is a better deal anyway.

Ransom said...

f you go to Facebook and click "notes" on the left, then "my notes" on the top, you can then click "import a blog" on the right side, if you like. Then you type in the address "http://jacobandalysa.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default" and all your blog posts will get posted as notes on Facebook.

Just in case you wanted to do that.