Friday, September 21, 2007

An Abundance of Katherines

Alright. Sorry this review has been so long in coming. I've been crazy-busy with school, and so has Jacob -- otherwise he might have reviewed it for you. Even now I am avoiding the dishes to bring you this. Da-da-da!:

An Abundance of Katherines
John Green, 227 pages.

Yeah, that's right. It's by John Green. John Green of Brotherhood 2.0. (Seriously, I'm addicted. Everyone should check out the absolutely adorable video from Sept 19 in which Hank sings a song for his wife.) *cough* back on topic! The same fun humor of the videos is found in the book, and man is it funny! It's not a comedy or anything, but it has its share of laughs -- most provided by Hassan, the best friend of our protagonist, Colin Singleton.

Colin has just graduated from High School. As a child, he was considered a prodigy. But there is a big difference between being a child prodigy and being an adult genius, and Colin is still looking for his own "Eureka moment." Another thing about Colin: he loves Katherines. He has dated an abundance (nineteen) of them. We meet him just after K-19 has dumped him. The cure? Perhaps a road trip would do the trick...

I read this book at the same time as Jacob, and we had such fun talking about it. I want lots of other people to read it too, so that I can talk to them as well. We could all be in on all the cool jokes (or jokes jokes, for you B2.0 fans). That said, it's not appropriate for all audiences.

Depending on your definition of profanity, there could be "some" or there could be "a lot." So, reader discretion is advised. I'd probably give it to H.S. grads, but not to Junior High kids. As far as high schoolers go, it depends on the person. The book is categorized as Young Adult, but I'd say the emphasis is more on the Adult than on the Young. Of course, it's not a bad book just because of that. I mean, I think my mom would like it. I don't feel dirty for reading it or anything. And those of you who know me know that I'm pretty conservative.

All in all, it's a good piece of work. Nay, it's a great piece of work. I look forward to reading more of what John Green has to write. Oh, and for those of you who care, the book won a Printz Honor for Excellence in Young Adult Literature. Nerdfighters!!!

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Hilary said...

Haha, Singleton. Thats a Bridget Jones reference, I'll just bet you!