Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sunday Scribblings, First Edition

So in my explorations of the blogosphere and the kidlitosphere (two words that I did not make up), I discovered Sunday Scribblings. It is a blog of writing prompts to be used in any way you'd like. After much debate, mostly internal, I think I'll participate. I figure I've got something kinda cool to say. So here is what I've got for this week's prompt, which is "Hi, my name is..."

Hi, my name is

Frank, and this is my beautiful wife
Annie. She keeps me sane.
Maggie is our oldest, mom’s best helper.
Ian our scientist comes next, and right on his heels is
Luke. He’s getting so tall! And
Yivette is the latest addition -- she just lost a tooth.

We’re family.

[Edit: It's an acrostic, see? I bolded for you.]

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