Monday, October 15, 2007

Readergirlz Chat -- John Green

Chatting with author John Green was, to use the Nerdfighter term, awesome. I think I'll post some of the questions that I posed to him, (those he answered).

Q: So John, what is your favorite scene in An Abundance of Katherines?
A:That is a tough question. Hmm. I guess the hog-hunting scene. That is the one that I most enjoy reading when I'm doing readings, at least. I like to write set pieces like that (or like Barn Night in LfA). -John

Q: John, tell us about what you're working on!
A: My new book, "Paper Towns, " is about ... uh, it's kind of about a disappearance. It's a mystery novel. Except with a lot of Walt Whitman in it. The first chapter is hear-able on my videoblog if anyone's interested.
I'm also working on a novella for a book I'm writing with lauren myracle and maureen johnson (who are both so great and so highly recommended). -John

Q: John, if you had to have an alternate career (as in not "writer") what would your career be?
A: Good question, and I have no idea. Probably an editor or something. I can't imagine not being around books.
Sometimes I fantasize about being a financial analyst at a big firm and working crazy hours and having all these wacky brilliant hyper-rich friends--but then I remember that I hate math. -John

Q: Any plans to come west and speak/sign/promote? I'm talkin' about Utah, Nevada, Arizona stuff.
A: Not at the moment. I will probably tour next fall. -John

Q: Who would you say has been the most influential person as far as your writing goes?
A: There are two, probably: Ilene Cooper, my editor at Booklist and the author of many children's books, and Julie Strauss-Gabel, my editor at Dutton. I don't think I'd be working as a writer if it wasn't for them. -John

Q: Who came up with the awesome cover for Katherines? Do you like it? (Jacob's question)
A:I like the cover very much (although they are changing it for the paperback, which is pretty common). The designer is Christian I-Cannot-Spell-His-Last-Name. He's at Penguin, and he's brilliant. :) -John

Q: Do you speak/read/write any languages besides English? (another one from Jacob)
A: No. Well, I speak and read some French, but I'm certainly not fluent.

Of course there are all kinds of other questions and answers on the thread. I didn't ask lots of questions, because other people did. It was pretty (really) neat.


Little Willow said...

Thanks for attending the chat! :)

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My pleasure.

readergirlz said...

Thanks for joining us! The chat with John totally rocked! Hope to see you again. 15 days to go!

Lorie Ann Grover~
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Uber cool.