Sunday, January 27, 2008

The 13th Reality

The 13th Reality
James Dashner, 2008.

So this book is unique in its category of having been read by me but not yet released to the public. It was fun to read a book that's not out yet (it comes out in March 2008) but it's also unfortunate that no one else has read it yet because I love discussing books.

Anyway, the book is about Atticus "Tick" Higginbottom, a 12 year old boy who is bookish and bullied but has unbeatable spirit. When he begins receiving clues about how to accomplish a mission -- and takes them seriously -- strange things begin to happen. Soon he finds himself in a whole different reality.

Dashner has a very fun sense of humor. His oddball analogies and similes kept me smiling. The plot was quite intriguing and enjoyable, but I found the pacing a bit slow at times. My favorite character in the book was Tick's dad, Edgar. It was nice to see that Tick could have an adventure and a healthy family life.

The book will probably appeal most to those around Tick's age, 10-12 year olds. For more info on it check out The 13th Reality website.


James Dashner said...

Hi Alysa. I just wanted to thank you for reviewing my book and the nice words about it. Hey, I'll take just one negative thing any day!

Since I'm always looking to improve, do you have any more specific feedback regarding the pace? Were there certain sections?

Thanks again!

Alysa said...

James, feedback emailed.

Did everyone catch that? An author just commented on my blog!