Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Key to the Golden Firebird

The Key to the Golden Firebird
Maureen Johnson, 2004, 297 p.

I've enjoyed Maureen Johnson's Girl at Sea and 13 Little Blue Envelopes, so I decided to give this, her first book, a try.

Loved it.

It was...poignant. Yeah, I thought so. I just looked up poignant and not only is it "affecting" but also "neat and skillful." The book has a great opening page, and that just leads to a great book. I was hooked the whole time. You really feel like you get to know 16 year old May and her family through the course of the story. I didn't have any difficulty relating to her. It's realistic fiction, and I found the scenarios and characters very realistic -- but again with that chuckle-out-loud mj humor. It is one of those books that has a satisfactory ending, but still leaves you thinking about it. "But what about...?" And "I wonder what's going to happen when..."

Anyway, I liked it the best of the three that I've read by her, and that's saying something because I liked the other two. Fortunately, the hardback doesn't have such a weird cover, although I guess they recently re-released the paperback with one that "matches" her other covers more. So since the (hardback) cover isn't at all embarrassing, you have no excuse not to read it!

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