Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I'll be having an ultrasound on Feb 6th at 3:30. This is the one where they check to make sure the baby is developing on target with an upper lip, four chambers in its heart, etc. etc. It is also the ultrasound where they can determine our baby's gender. I'm really excited! So, y'all only have until the 6th to vote on the boy or girl poll to your right. Woohoo!


Anna said...

Gosh! Isn't it February 6th yet?!?! I am waiting on the edge of my seat. Will my vote be right? What do you think it will be - from a mother's intuition? I thought Eli was going to be a girl. I just felt that way the whole first half. I was wrong! Usually everyone else is right.

Alysa said...

haha! I really have no idea what it will be -- Jacob and I agreed that he would say boy and I would say girl so that one of us would be right. So, umm, girl I guess!