Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stake Valentines Dance

Jacob and I attended the 11th Stake Valentines Dance last night. We found a big group of friends from the ward, and took some pictures. Unfortunately my camera was being quite finicky and only one of them turned out (and it looks like not everyone was quite ready for it, oops!) Anyway, here it is for your pilfering pleasure, if you want a copy!

Here is one of just Jacob and I (chorus: awwww)

And one of Jacob right now because I wanted you all to see that I finally cut his hair. He is (though you can't tell) fixing the vacuum he just broke by sucking up his shoelace.


Ransom said...


Jon said...

Hello Stewarts! Greetings from Toledo, Ohio, and Jon and Keriann Felt. We came across your blog and of course had fond memories of 11th stake (and 5th ward) Valentine's dances. Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family. We also have a blog,
Come on by and pay us a visit sometime.

Katie Smith said...

Love the pictures! Other than the fact that I'm the only single person standing in the group. I swear my husband was there somewhere! ;)