Thursday, June 5, 2008


Scott Westerfeld, 370 pages, 2005

Finished Pretties, the sequel to Uglies (my review here). Now I've gotta read the third book, Specials. They're intense. Unfortunately Pretties had the whole second-book-in-a-trilogy lack of satisfactory resolution. This is not a flaw, it just bugs me because I like happy endings. When I finish a book I want to feel like I'm done with it. sigh.

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Bridget said...

Holy cow Alysa! I just stumbled upon your blog tonight as it was linked from Katie Smith's. I can't believe you are reading Scott Westerfeld's trilogy! I just got really excited because I am about 75 pages into "Specials". I am ready to see how this all goes down! And I love your reviews! Let me know what you think about it all when you finish!