Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Et Cetera

Easter was good. :) Here are some pictures.

Standing among the remnants of Grandma Stewart's Easter package:

Pushing new Easter walker into obstacles:

Easter Egg Hunt family photo:

Finding eggs in the Bair's back yard:

Things I have been doing:
  • Blogging over at Everead
  • Reading awesome books (reviews are up at Everead)
  • Recovering from awesome vacation to AZ
  • Giving the baby Tylenol (he's working on tooth #6)
  • Watching (and loving) Bleak House. It's Charles Dickens, it's BBC, it's got Gillan Anderson, it's good.
  • Watching American Idol. I'm so proud of Anoop!
  • Going to the park and eating custard with my boy
  • Delivering books to home-bound ladies
  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Diapers
  • Planning Youth Conference 2009
  • Marveling at all the different kinds of rain there are here in IL (hey, there's only one or two kinds in AZ!)
  • Calling Laura over and over and over and over and wishing she would answer her phone! Or return her messages! Or look at her facebook!
So, yeah. That's kind of my life right now. It's a pretty good one, all things considered.

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Jenni Blaser said...

He's getting so big and he's so cute!